Monday, September 22, 2014

From Lori-Ann Bellissimo

Hi there
My name is Lori-Ann Bellissimo.
I was one of George’s students at York U in Toronto and friend since 1993.
We’re missing George at this end and I’m in touch with some friends of his round the world.
I’m an artist and visited George at the church many times and I have posted a few photos and memories and collage at my Facebook page. You are welcome to share the page if you like. Some people are writing their comments there too.
I feel like I know you all out there. I was instrumental to putting out the Chicago Trilogy and packaging.
Oh I can still hear his voice and have had many experiences of his presence round me since he passed…even though he didn’t believe int hat stuff…guess he found out! :)


Lori-Ann Bellissimo

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