Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sam Ashley

Where to begin??!

"When you're 72 I'll be 93..." or 66 or I don't know.

But one thing I definitely want to say is that maybe a year or more
ago, perhaps a couple of years almost, I discovered some of George's
films on the internet, including some real early ones. It was so nice
to see those again! I hadn't seen them in so many years, and man, what
a wonderful eye!! Those are some beautiful images. I intended to call
and say so, just to say hi really, but to say that about the films too.
But for all the dumb ordinary reasons that call just kept being
postponed. Not for any real reason. Just because of how the dumbest
things in life demand so much attention. (So yeah, there's a lesson in
there too, I know.)

A wonderful friend and a wonderful filmmaker; no matter how out of
touch we might have seemed to be in this "real" world that was always
my feeling.

Love you George.

Sam Ashley

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